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Redbird Corporate Engagement

Create a win-win relationship with Illinois State for the best benefit of your organization.

"AT ILLINOIS STATE we are building a corporate engagement culture of collaboration that will provide increased opportunities to campus such as research funding, philanthropic giving, student engagement, and hiring. We are creating the systems to make it easy for companies to partner across our university."

Aondover Tarhule
President, Illinois State University

Image of ISU campus and the ISU president Aondover Tarhule.

Campuswide Corporate Engagement

"Illinois State has installed a collaborative and comprehensive process for managing corporate partnerships. Our campuswide subject matter experts will create visibility of ISU’s strengths and assets. Providing a main point of contact allows companies a more accessible approach to engaging with ISU."

Joni Staley
Director of Corporate and Foundation Philanthropy

(309) 438-7735

Portrat of Joni Staley